Saturday, January 13, 2007

just one banana!

i was reminded of a story i read in a book by darlene debieler (or something like that....she was a missionary)dont' seem to remember her last name. she was in like a prision cell. the book is fabulous and must read, however i forgot the name of the book....and i gave it away to a friend. A faith unseen maybe....humm, don't know. at any rate....she was in this cell for so long that she had lost tons of weight b/c of eating oats (w/knats and worms in them).....She reached up to her window cell and saw a banana tree. She prayed "oh Lord, please just one banana"....
Later prision guards came to her...she feared the opening of the door whether to be beaten or else wise.....instead the guard threw in bananas. She sat there in disamay and counted the bananas........99!

wow! i'm reminded today that our God is full of surprises.....full of gifts....mended dreams....fulfilled promises and just for the heck of it.....98 bananas than what we ask for. He exceeds our needs.

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