Saturday, January 20, 2007

just dreams.

today is just one of those days where you wished dreams came true....where i woke up and brooke was well, healthy and not autistic....but instead she was telling me about her day at school and the new friends she met...and what she wanted to do for the weekend....and tell me she wanted ice-cream instead of a toy...or telling me she'd like a bath instead of a shower...or telling me she wanted to rent this movie all her friends were talking about...or show me this shirt she would really like to have.
but, it's not like that...and it may not ever real can i get? it's frustrating, aggravating, hurtful, painful, and just plain a pain! but today----is just one of those days where you see dreams as shattered, she see life as difficult, you see your situation hopeless. But as a believer....i'm forced to HOLD on to Jesus who sees and hears all that is hidden in my heart and holds me until the sun comes up.

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Anonymous said...

Hello friend,
Just checking in on Brooke. Even though years and distance have come between us, you are still in my heart. Thinking of you and praying for you.