Tuesday, October 10, 2006


please pray we find some answers w/the screaming....it started very early this morning and has continued.
we'll talk to the doctor today...and talk w/consultants as well.
your prayers make a difference....


Anonymous said...

praying for you, dani, and praying for answers for brooke. you are loved.


Anonymous said...

Sweetheart I am thinking and praying for your entire family. Know that you are all loved. Know that you and Bill are doing all there is to do. It is in the Lord's hands.


Anonymous said...

My dearest friend,
How I ache with you and yearn for answers. But we know who is in control and may HIS grace be sufficent for you today.

jolynn said...

Dear Heavenly and gracious Father I pray that you will bless this family with some of your healing and goodness. I pray that you will touch Dani with your healing hands so that she may continue to find strength to deal with her daily struggles. In Jesus Name I Pray. Amen.