Monday, October 09, 2006

fall break

it's fall break here as well as alot of places i'm's been a pretty crazy day---brooke is still screaming and's been hard to staisfy the boys needs and spend time w/brooke as well. of course we have therapist here and they are a great help....but i as a mom, i still need to spend time w/brooke even though she is being well taken care of.

the leaves will soon fall...and the cold air will hit w/a chill on our faces...the clocks will fall back...and the halloween candy will all be eaten...but one thing remains the same. OUR GOD never takes a fall break from His children. He remains faithful to us...loving us...holding us...and never leaves us or forsakes us. I'm grateful for the break the kids get to have away from school to spend some extra time w/them and i'm ever so grateful for Jesus who never fails and remains in my company as the seasons change.

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