Monday, October 12, 2009


this past weekend we had got a special privilege to go deep sea fishing with our 8 girls, our boys, and about 100 other kids in the southeast region children's homes.

early saturday morning we headed 25 miles out to sea (yes, i'm still feeling a bit sea-sick). we caught about 150 fish. i felt like Paul on a missionary journey. it was great. not only did we catch fish, but we taught/showed our girls and children we had never met how to "feel" the bite and reel in their enormous fish (some being almost as big as them).

on our easy ride into shore still several miles out, i was enjoying the wind in my face with one of my girls when to my surprise we saw a butterfly flapping his little wings over the gulf. it was just an amazing sight. i did not have my camera to capture it so this picture will have to do. in seeing this little guy i was in thought all the way back to the dock.

i've had some pretty tough weeks lately but this little guy gave me some hope. he seemed not to struggle on the outside and he seemed like he had not a care in the world being 25 miles away from something to land on. he just kept on flapping his wings...hoping he would get somewhere. pretty impressive to me. sometimes God gives me a tiny picture to hold on to.....and out of nowhere this little guy showed up to remind me that, "all things are possible with God".

i'll be holding on to this truth today!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brookie,
This is from your family at McDonugh Upstairs at Glenwood. We would like you to know that we really do miss you and that we are so proud of you. This is the only way that we keep up with you and we thank your mom for doing this. You are so beautiful and that smile is more beautiful that ever and how it brings joy to see you and how well you are doing. We want you to know that we always think about you and how you love those biscuit. We wnat to say God Bless you and your family and we will talk to you soon.