Thursday, October 23, 2008

the web of possiblity

Tuesday morning i got the boys off to school and driving into my driveway i noticed something white-ish dangling from a branch off the tree. interesting. i bundled up (it's cold in the morning), and cautiously walked over to see a spider web. crazy! this guy was amazing. he had so artistically spun from the ground to the tree limb his web, his home....suspending itself in mid-air. i was amazed. (i took pictures, but they did not turn out).

this little guy reminded me of something i need to be constantly reminded of. NOTHING is impossible for my God. personally, i'm in bit of a dilemma in my life right now....but seeing this little guy made me re-consider my situation/circumstance. With God, all things are possible.

Brooke, baby, Jesus has got you! Know that nothing is impossible with Him. I know you are a bit nervous, maybe scared, afraid, lonely, tired, and uncertain about things around you. But if i could whisper in your ear tonight so that you would understand i would tell you that nothing is impossible for God. Somehow though, i think you already are aware of that....and i'm just learning the lesson. i miss you tonight!

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