Thursday, October 16, 2008

full update

transitions are hard any way you look at them, are they not? I'm grateful for the transition that has taken place with brooke. it will take her some time to get adjusted to new faces, new names, new places, her new bedroom, her new house, and her new school. her staff has gone over the top meeting her needs as we cannot be with her as we would like. tuesday we took the day off and just rested--knowing brooke needed to get to know her surroundings at the LT. Wednesday we had a meeting that gave us much information for the direction the staff would like to take brooke and what we (as her parents) would like to transpire. I have been very impressed with the LT. Today on our way out, we stopped by to see brooke. The next time we get to see her (as a family) will be for Thanksgiving. I'll be traveling down for a meeting before then. We are hoping to see her as much as we possibly can.
This is a very stressful time for brooke. would you pray, as those that work with her, that she would sense a peacefullness. I'll be sending pictures in my next entry of our time w/her. Thank you for your concern, love, prayers. God has been good...I'm confident in this!

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