Sunday, October 19, 2008


i've been out of town (again) i haven't gotten to post as i would like...or send pictures as i said i would. they will come. computer is slow at home.

recently i got the chance to stay in a castle on a hill. it was very enchanting. I was reminded of the reason castles were built...the fortress they portrayed and the strongholds they were for so many in danger or just for protection. i was reminded this week that the Lord has put me and Brooke in a very safe place...a place of protection. I was reminded of Psalms 71. 3 "be My habitation...My Rock and my Fortress". The Lord has been my Rock this week. It goes w/o saying that i'm so proud of Brooke's bravery...being placed with complete strangers...her courage speaks volumes to me. The Lord has been her Fortress as well.

the castle...some may call it imaginary...I call it God's Presence.

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