Friday, October 24, 2008

my friday

Now, as we got brooke moved and i've had time to just get back to the daily stuff. while we were there i just went thru the motions... everything is sinking in now and i miss her and long to see her.

she went to the doctor yesterday just for a check up. all is well. she will have other doctor appointments soon to check out everything else. I wanted to be w/her. however, we were well informed on the visit and how she did. thank you katy for all you do! you are amazing.

i'll be going down on Nov. 10-11. We will be doing her IEP (Individual Education Plan). i'm excited to see her on both days. I'll be scouting out a place we can stay for Thanksgiving.

If you know me well enough, you'll know I have a picture-mind. Last night i walked into our garage where we have our 11 golden retriever puppies in a gated fence (to keep them from the cold air). outside the gate on a pillow Trudy, momma dog, was laying next to the fence and all the puppies were asleep next to her; yet the fence was keeping them apart. (this is for nursing purposes). I just stood there dumb founded b/c it reminded me of me and brooke. Not separated by a fence but miles. the puppies knew their momma was there so they got as close as they could to her. precious! If i could, i'd be there too, Brooke. Yet, God has you in a safe place and so i trust that He is leaning against you tonight....for with Him, there is NO separation! I'm leaning hard on Jesus too.

this weekend we will take it easy and rest. the next few weekends are filled up. it'll be nice to just be. I'm praying for you baby!

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