Sunday, August 16, 2009

this gave me chills

recently i asked a close friend how autism has affected her life. with her permission this is what she said:

"Autism has taught me to be thankful for the little things in life. Autism has taught me that the world is hateful to those who are different; people stare and judge. Autism has taught me how to believe in myself; if these children can overcome their battles, who am I to complain. Autism has brought me close to many amazing people. Autism has taught me the struggles of parents who just want their children to have a happy life. Autism has taught me God's will is to teach others through people with disabilities. I am who I am today because of is my life, my passion, and my desire to give these children EVERYTHING I am able to give. I will love those children who have no family, I will take a hit or bite if it means the child learns to communicate, I will wipe poop and urine if it means a child is clean and dignified, I will love them all no matter what the circumstances. If my love for them is so powerful I can only imagine God's love for me."

now that is a powerful statement!

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