Monday, August 31, 2009

a bit helpless

brooke spent the night with us on thursday. we had a wonderful time! i love being in her company. she has a way of brightening my day with just a look in my eyes. i could watch her all day. she makes me laugh, cry, wonder, and seek.
i told bill the other day i love helping her. i miss blow drying her hair, making her bed, getting her dressed, make her meals. there is something about helping someone that is helpless. just this week i've had a moment like that w/God. I have felt a bit helpless and desired nothing more than to crawl up in His lap. like i desire to help brooke, i know God desires to help me when i'm in need. He amazes me...and brooke amazes me. thank you Lord, for giving her to me...for showing me just how much we are in need of You.

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