Monday, August 24, 2009

rett visit report

in june i posted that we went to her rett july i got her report and wanted to share a bit of what dr. percy wrote:

"she continues to have minimal features of rett syndrome but does have stereotypies in the form of hand wringing, washing, and some finger rubbing and finger knitting movements. she has very purposeful hand use and ambulation. she continues to have aggressive behavior and is on medication. she was alert and interactive and does give reasonably prolonged eye contact. she is quite capable physically and at times has behavioral outbursts with hitting of others and when frustrated may even bite herself. she says a number of words and phrases, much of which is in response to others, but she occasionally comes out with self-generated speech. she does have some persistence of drooling, particularly with food in her mouth. overall i found brooke to be more interactive and in general i was able to examine her the best that i have yet been able to do so. I do believe that her current living arrangements has had a very positive effect on her overall behavior and performance."

there are many "new" things going on w/rett research! this could effect brooke in a big way!

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