Tuesday, March 10, 2009

a question for brooke...

my mind is full of questions for brooke today. sometimes i wish i could sit right in front of her and have a conversation...or even yet, just let her answer "yes" or "no" to me. today i just wondered if she ever grieves, thinking outloud...i'm sure she does, everyone does. i've seen alot of grief, been involved w/alot of grief, and heard of alot of grief in the past couple of weeks...so i guess that is why my question for her today would be: How do you handle with your grief, Brooke?

today, randomly i got a card from a person i have never met. Inside the card was written Psalm 121.1-2. I love this passage of scripture. (just happens to be my "brooke" passage). This is my answer when grief occurs in my life. i encourage you to go and read it....may God use it in your life as He has mine.

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