Friday, March 20, 2009


i've been thinking about brooke's development lately. Questions of: what will she be like in 5 years, how much help will she need, what needs to be provided for her, etc...? I know that Brooke will need to be dependent upon someone. You have to think long term, even though i don't like to at times.
in thinking on this i've been made aware of my life spiritually. "let us go on to maturity (development)" the writer of Hebrews says. I know i need to be dependent upon Jesus...for i am nothing w/o Him at my side. so, brooke and i have some similar paths in front of us and even now. We are dependent people. I am in desperate need of Him, every moment til i see Him face to face.

i'm spending time w/brooke today (on the first day of our break from the cottage). it'll be good to be w/her. i miss sitting beside her. she has a way that makes everything in my world look so small. she has a way that changes my outlook on things. she has a way that makes me bold and courageous and strong. she has something about her that let me see that i am in need of Him and w/o Jesus I'm incomplete.

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