Monday, January 07, 2008


I'm in dillion, co visiting my sister. tomorrow i'll be in birmingham having a meeting about Brooke. I talked w/brooke while i was here. she actually told me hello and goodbye....since she has been there she has never said those words on the phone. the trip here has been so healing in alot of ways.
the snow hasn't stopped drifting down. i've been on a 2 hour snow show (on of those huge shoes that connects w/your foot) hike w/a friend of my sisters. it was in the middle of a big moutain. streams of water flowed. the snow streaming down not making a sound....but beating in my heart. it was perfect. i could have done that everyday. i went walking on a frozen small lake. while others skated around me. (i'll have pictures later when i get home and settled.
i'm excited to see brooke just briefly. the main visit is for the meeting so i will not get to see her long. hopefully i'll get to hug her and tell her how much we love her. after Christmas we did not get that chance. she had extreme behaviors that made us leave w/o saying goodbye or even a hug. i miss her and love her.

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