Saturday, January 12, 2008

brooke's meeting/pics of CO

well as you can see the view was incrediable. if you would like to see more, just email me....and i'll send them your way.

i got back home late it was a rough way home. we went right through a really bad thunderstorm. which those that know me.....know i was happy. but i will have to say-being on the ground is a tab bit more stable for me. ha/

the meeting w/brooke was pretty okay-they took her off one med and added a slight increase in another for behavior. she had had a rough morning so i did not get to give her the hug that i longed for....but i did get to see her through a window as she played on the playground. the meeting was insightful. we can see her twice this month. one being MLK weekend and another at the end of the month. bill will be gone next weekend, but hoping my parents can come over so we can at least go down to see her. don't know yet.

this last picture i was amazed was on their aspen tree right outside of my sisters door. after i saw it...i remembered the passage. He who makes the eye, does HE not see. Grateful God does see us....just where we are at....and loves us!

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