Thursday, December 27, 2007


i'm having brooke withdraws. we had a great family chrismas with just the boys/brooke/my husband and myself. it was nice to sit around, brooke felt comfortable and herself. sometimes she would go from room to room to room to room... and all over again. all over she did very well at the house. there was only one time we had to give her some meds to calm her down...but no terrible behaviors. However, today i took her back to school. we walked into her classroom and something set her off. crying, bitting self, slapping others, climbing on top of chairs/desck/bitting others/very very unsettled. i wasn't able to say bye to her and hug her and tell her that Jesus is with her. Josiah and Ethan walked out the door w/me and josiah started to cry...then ethan. they had loved the visit w/her...and in their little minds, i'm sure they had many questions as they saw Brooke react the way she did. Part of me wanted to take her back home. I called later and she was fine...i had left her Christmas toys on her bed....I go back on the 8th for a meeting. i'll be sending Christmas photos soon, for i'm out of town now.
I hope you all had a merry Christmas remembering Jesus birth....for it was His birth that brought Him death so we could live! what a mighty savior.
I love you brookey cookey....i miss you more than you know.

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