Sunday, June 18, 2006

i gotta admit...

...i need to pray more. pray for healing, direction, the next step, a cry for help...the list goes on. I just need to pray until i cannot utter another word...until i'm totally exhausted of all my thoughts, worries, concerns, and anxiety...until Jesus comes back. i'm lacking God...teach me to pray.
brooke's weekend has been good. saturday was just great. she had no ATO (aggression toward others), or ATP (aggression to property). this is big news for those who are not in brooke's path on a day to day basis. she's been more generous hugs from the back....and clinging on. (as shown in the picture w/bill i think). i love it. i thought she'd start head banging...but she doesn't. she just clings on....i love it! monday she will start her 2nd week of summer school from 8-3. this will give me a small break during the week. I'll be doing things w/the boys that we nomarlly don't get a chance to do. Thursday and Friday i'll be in Memphis visiting my mother and father...the boys will come w/me. We have a big week planned.
God is good, isn't He? I wonder why we don't pray more?

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Anonymous said...

Bill and Dani,
How I love you guys!!! I am so grateful for God allowing you in our life!! I celebrate each of Brooke's steps as well as each of your steps on this journey w/God.
Press On For HIS Glory!!!!
Up to the Moon!!!!!!