Thursday, March 22, 2012

personal encounter/surgery

In October, 2011, Ethan (youngest son), went to a birthday party at a nearby church. Months before this, I had painted a picture of Jesus (see at this church and they had it out still for the congregation to see. this past January, i got a phone call from a woman who attended that birthday party that Ethan went to. She had seen the painting and wondered if i still painted for groups. to make a long story short, i did a palm painting for her church this past week. it was a wonderful experience sharing at her church. i must say, even months prior to this event, God ordained that i run into her and we have a conversation that would give me hope, insight, and the confidence i needed for Brooke. a few days before i painted at her church, we met (for the first time) and went over the events of the day. before leaving her that evening, in the parking lot, we talked about our families, our lives, and what the Lord was doing in each of our worlds. i shared with her about Brooke and the news concerning her scoliosis, the surgery she needed, and my fears of it all. she asked me, "dani, who is her doctor?" i said, "Dr. Nimits." She responded with, "i work for Dr. Nimits!" what?!! are you kidding me?! the timing was impeccable. God alone was capable of ordaining this meeting, a God who reaches into the depths of our souls, hears our cries, and meets our needs. This is my God...setting up a very personal encounter.
i walked away that day with more confidence than i did when i drove up to that church that night. i know that the Lord is not only personal to me, but, as brooke's mom, He is a compassionate Father who gives direction and peace to me so i can help/care for Brooke when she is not able to do so for herself.
we met with her GP yesterday, looking at the X-ray showing the curvature and observing Brooke, and know that we need to go ahead with the surgery. from my understanding, the surgery (although complex involving screws/rods) is fairly common. Surgery is about 4-5 hours long and she will stay in the hospital 4-7 days (depending on how her body responds). i do know that post-surgery she will be out of it for the most part, but after that she will be able to sit up in bed, and walk by the time she leaves. my concern is, of course, brooke's pain tolerance. she is not able to express when she is hurting or if she needs anything. however, i think the Lord gives us moms a discerning spirit and i'll be trusting that He will give me the insight i need to take care of her.
If we do not do the surgery, we are certain that the curvature will continue to increase and will impede her health in several possible ways. scoliosis can cause several problems involving the heart, digestion, breathing, and her walking ability.
the surgery date is tentative at the moment but may be as soon as May 25. up until then, i'll be posting updates on her health and of course other "raw moments" between daughter and mother and autism.
i am thankful for your prayers.


hargrove clark said...

Oh Dani, how awesome is our God!!!!! I will be Praying for Brooke, the Drs & the rest of y'all to. Thanks for Sharing!! God Bless....

hargrove clark said...

Aww Dani, How Awesome is our God!!! Praying for the Drs, Brooke, & the rest of the Family. Thanks for Sharing....God Bless!

Suzanne said...

I will pray! I have not dropped off the face of the earth and I still think of you and your precious family with love and prayers. Brooke 15! I lift her and all of you up to our amazing Lord who knows our every need. He will be her spokesman and Advocate. Love and joy! Suzanne