Thursday, April 23, 2009

still waiting....

i've waited forever for this day...brooke's cast was coming off and a walking boot was coming on; BUT, there was a change of plans. brooke's leg still needs some time to heal so we will wait 2 more weeks and then she'll be in the walking boot, and it could be up to 4 weeks!

the bed she had in our house is now officially in her room at the LT. I didn't get a chance to see it today, but in the morning i plan to go and take some pictures of her w/dad/me/bed! i love her bed! i hope that when she got back to her room today she found it to be a nice surprise.

next week is IEP week. IEP (individual education plan). those are always bitter/sweet. you see how she is doing and how far she has to go. As far as how she is doing i've heard from a 'reliable' source that her behaviors have decreased and she is showing great strides! i hope this continues even when she returns to campus...we will see. i have high hopes.

she steals my heart, she makes me smile, she stirs my imagination, she makes me dream, she allures my soul to the Lord, she makes me do things i normally would not do. i love this little girl with all that is within me.

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