Thursday, April 02, 2009

a new day!

today was a good day! after many weeks brooke got her pins out of her leg and her cast off. However, she got another cast on (this one is bright organge!). This time she finally can bend her knee. I can't imagine how she feels having that thing off. The doctor said that the bone that was broken is the worst (on the leg) to a few more weeks in this cast and then a walking boot...and then we are FREE!!!! She can put some weight on her leg but w/assitance. Since she was having such a hard time after the event...i wasn't able to get some good pictures, so i hope to get some tomorrow as i see her and of course, sign her cast!
Thanks TLT staff for your hard work these past several weeks. i know it hasn't been the easiest job with bathing, staying up all hours of the night, staying right near her side, feeding her, and mostly loving her when i cannot be there to do what you do. I know we still have a ways to go...we are just one day closer.
i love you brooke! i'll see you very soon!

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