Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sing, Dance, Praise

By Jackie

For Brooke

Sing, Dance, Praise

Our brown eyed girl sits glued to the glass.
What has caught her attention?
What makes the stare last?
I look through the window.
I see nothing at all.
She smiles and she giggles as a leaf gently falls.

She is watching the dance and learning to sing
As nature performs the praise of the King.
The movement is smooth and the song flows in the trees.
Some day she’ll remember when she bows at His knees.
He’ll ask her to do what she ne’er done before.
There’ll be a hush in the Heaven’s as she crosses the floor.

She’ll sing Him a song of redemption and grace.
She’ll know He approves by the smile on His face.
She’ll flow with the movements she saw in the grasses.
And she’ll dance at His feet while eternity passes.
She knows that He loved her and blessed her with gifts.
She saw things of Heaven that others all missed.

Her praise will be open and silenced no more.
For she heard them declare “Glory” in the waves on the shore.
She holds no complaint for the life that she’d known.
Souls came to know to Jesus in the love that was shown.
He’ll hug her so tight, His bride she shall be.
Our brown eyed girl, so “special” is she.

(this was sent to me by a dear friend of mine...thank you jackie, it encouraged my heart!)

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