Thursday, April 17, 2008

runaway bride

Seeing brooke yesterday was bitter-sweet. She was the first to come down the runway for the Glenwood Fashion Show...and the beautiful lady just kept on running, right out the door.

Journal Entry April 16 '08
...she looked so disturbed today...hurting, not feeling well. she kept bitting her arm leaving instant bruises/marks....out of the frustration of the world she is forced to know. she kept hitting me because she didn't know how else to tell me she was hurting. She didn't have to hit me, i could see it written all over her face. I saw it in her eyes-in the lack of her precious smile. Her eyes reveal everything to a mom. i feel as if i can see things in her no one else can comprehend. Today, more bitter than sweet. more pain than gain. The look in her eyes-bring tears to mine. Yet, i know that through it all He has her, holds her, loves her, calls her by name, allures her, dances with her, is her mighty warrior, best friend, constantly with her, her shade, her comfort, and contains every tear in a bottle--just like He does for me.

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