Monday, April 14, 2008

dark clouds

Call me crazy, but i love a good storm. Recently, we've had some storms roll in our 'neck of the woods' powerful as they may be--they are peaceful to me. I love laying in my hammock in our front yard, looking up above, trees swaying, dark clouds coming in and out, rain starting to pound on the ground.

Throughout my life, its been quiet a storm. The situations and circumstances that make/break me. I know, too, that plenty more storms are still coming my way. I'm not taken back by them for i know that "He makes the storm calm, so that the waves are still..." ps. 107.29

I'm confident that Jesus is with matter the journey, heartbreake, pain, loss, even the smiles, laughter, and things that make me just plain oh happy. There is always an end to a storm. Always! It is the storms that make us who we are today. So, as the song says, "Bring on the rain."

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