Sunday, November 04, 2007


fall is in the can almost touch it in your hands...and see the leaves change from every color on the spectrum. it's a beautiful of my favorites. Change comes:with thing is are we ready for the change. I love change but i hate it at he same time. Some say it's too hard. Spiritually speaking it's probably the easiest thing i've ever done. Letting go.....and letting God take it for you-b/c He is capable and ready to do it if we allow Him too.
fall is in the air...and sometimes change never happens. You cant' touch it, see it, hear it--it just doesn't happen. Yesterday i called brooke they asked her to come to the phone and she didn't say a word....i repeated over and over "hey's mommy" say "mommy"...but she ran away from the phone. sometimes changes never happen...but the leaves do fall...and we rake them up and start all over again.

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