Wednesday, November 01, 2006

broken pieces

broken pieces is and has been a recent ministry of mine for brooke. I don't know how exactly i got started in this, but it has turned out to be a learning experience in a spiritual way. I wanted to express to you the meaning behind the mosiacs...why i use broken pieces...and how i put it all together. alot of you know i do this, but don't know the story behind it all.

First, God taught me that it's the broken pieces He uses (the pain, the struggles, the building of character and etc...). He puts them together to make a beautiful and unique piece of art (us). The art is not done takes time to dry if you will...then He begins to pour in His word (the grout that fills in between the pieces). w/o the grout the pieces would fall off and be useless. The foundation of God's word keeps the art together and complete. Then the end result is He pushes us into the world and His light shines thru us so that He Himself is Glorified.

There is more that i have learned...more that i have discovered...but all in all, God is using my art ability to help provide for Brooke's bi0-medical needs.
I'm honored to do this for her to help her and it gives me a way to escape and use it as "therapy time." If you are interested in getting a piece just contact me and i'll be happy to express thru art the broken pieces of my life to yours.

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katherine said...

okay im going to give my mom money when she comes down to see you i would looooove one of your mosiacs, they are beautiful!