Thursday, August 31, 2006


chelation weekend. i'm pretty sure it'll be calm weekend.

molly works all weekend....pray for strength for her. i don't thank my therapist enough....they litterally fight for me! Laura, Molly, and Tammy---you have no idea what it means to me to have you here at the house to help Brooke....from helping her potty, swinging her, helping her eat, watch dora time after time after time, dealing w/meltdowns and screaming, singing to her in the shower....drying her hair, reading to her, combing her hair, praying for her, playing catch, blowing balloons, getting her in space to tell her you love her.....

the rewards are small...but on the contrary they are great....seeing her smile at you, grabbing your hand for no reason at all, getting on your back during walks down the road, and saying YEAH.....knowing she's really saying "thank you".
you each are a gift from God....i'm richly blessed-- more importantly----so is Brooke.

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