Tuesday, January 16, 2018

a call in the night

i had noticed that brooke had not been feeling well on saturday. she was quiet in her chatter, she wasn’t smiling like she normally does, and i could tell she wasn’t her typical self. 
early sunday morning around 4am i woke to take brooke to the bathroom but before i got out of bed i heard coming from her bedroom a sound. i became a bit more alert and then i heard a distress sound of “Mommmma” and then seconds later, “Mommmy”. i jumped up out of bed and went to her room. she just looked at me as if she was asking for help. i asked her if she was hurting, no words this time but a grunt and she slapped her head (a sign of pain). i grabbed some medicine for her and covered her back up to go back to sleep. when i was about to walk out of her room she looked at me and with a much calmer tone and said, “mommy”.  i smiled and said, “you’ll feel better soon, i love you.”

ok. wow! i’ll never forget this day, not because she was in pain, but that she called out for me because she was in pain. she has NEVER intentionally called out my name for me to come and help her. i got back in bed and honestly, could not sleep. i was so excited that she called my name when she was hurting. 

there have been many times i’ve done that with the Lord. i’ve been hurting, grieving, sad, or struggling with something personal that in the middle of where i was just saying His name, “Jesus”, brought comfort, healing, peace, security.... for when we say His name, we don’t just get a piece of Him, we get all of Him and all that His name promises to be!  it’s His very nature to respond. He is near to us when we cry, mumble, or just whisper His name. 

“The Lord is near to all who call on him, to all who call on him in truth.” Psalms 145:18 ESV

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