Sunday, October 27, 2013

caterpillars and butterflies

I have 2 tattoos on each of my wrist. one, ebed (Hebrew for slave to Christ), and second, a butterfly (in flight). my butterfly tattoo, created by a local artist, was engraved in my wrist for Brooke.

someone recently asked me what they both meant and I love sharing the stories of each of them. I shared with her that after the butterfly tattoo was done weeks later I realized that in the engraving was a capital "B". I thought that it was super cool that the artist designed it that way and without her knowledge of my daughter. several more week later a dear friend of mine called me after looking thru a James Avery Craftsmen magazine and told me that I needed to look immediately at the necklace called "Mother's Love". I was blown away that the same symbol in the necklace was also in my butterfly tattoo. in telling my story to my friend, I told her I had no idea of either symbols in the tattoo...but that the reason I chose a butterfly was because of her name. Brooke's middle name is Renee', which means "born again". [Born again can be recognized as the symbol of a caterpillar turning into a butterfly]. my new friend quickly said, "I didn't think you were going here with that story. Do you know how you say "caterpillar" in Latin"? ummm, well, no. she then told me, "brookum", actual translation, "bruchum".

I was blown away as I think my jaw hit the floor. Who knew when we named brooke, almost 17 years ago that her name would have such a powerful meaning. a caterpillar changing into a beautiful butterfly. proves to say that there's really a lot in a name...

I've always thought that when she get to Heaven the Lord will give her a new name. I can only imagine what that "new" name might be. For now, she's learning how to fly.

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