Saturday, October 27, 2012

the move

as of a few weeks ago, Brooke has been a resident at TLT for 4 years now. in the past four years she has grown into a beautiful, courageous, determined, brave, strong, and lovely lady. 
this past week, Brooke moved, but just into another group home. the move is going to be good for her. her school opened up a new home to accept 2 new girls. so, Brooke now has new roommates. I've already met one of them. I'm excited for her and her family!

however, you know me, I'm a thinker. for 4 years Brooke has lived with 2 of the greatest ladies. even though I told Brooke she was moving I knew she wouldn't understand it fully until the move occurred. it just made me think though, what if I moved away from someone I was used to seeing everyday for 4 years. (grant it, they will continue to see one another at school/some weekends). I know that that would make me sad. brooke is not one to express emotions much, so I tend to forget, emotionally speaking, what all she goes thru in a day, what she thinks about, who she misses, and all the other stuff girls go thru. 
tonight, as I left Brooke I leaned in and told her like I do every night I see her, "Brooke, Jesus has got you." after I said it, I said out loud again,  "Brooke, Jesus does reeeeaally got you." 

He holds her tears in His bottle, prays for her when she cannot udder a word, walks with her, sings over her, embraces/speaks to her while she sleeps, and provides for her needs without her even knowing them. 

I don't know if Brooke misses her little friends, I know I sure would. but, what I do know is.... Jesus does have her and He quickly desires to fill the void. 

at that moment, The Lord spoke to me and reminded me of that simple truth. 

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