Saturday, January 29, 2011


i love visiting brooke everyday after school.

yesterday with my "time" with her...she was lying in her bed apparently "upset" over something unknown. i went in...her hands coupled together laying on her chest, her head on her pillow and headboard, and her covers crumbled up around her. i knew she had been upset...over what...we don't know.
with a risk of getting hit i layed down beside her and started singing "Jesus loves me." Without getting too much into the song her eyes start filling up with a tearful glaze. I don't know if it was my singing that made her want to cry....but i'd like to think that it was the song in itself. need to hear that Jesus loves you.

Thursday, January 06, 2011

it's a miracle

tuesday, josiah, ethan and i took brooke back to her group home after spending the night with us while we were on break. i pulled up in the driveway, walked around the car, opened brooke's door and unbuckled her seat belt. standing back so she could get out of the van she sat there. i said to her, "Brooke, let's go in please." Brooke looked at me pulling the seatbelt and fastened it and said in response, "stay, i want ay." then she moved her legs away from the door, bowed and turned her head away from me. ethan, our youngest son, saw and heard this and shouted out, "ITS A MIRACLE!" i couldn't respond i was so amazed! i got into the van with brooke, got behind her, and almost forced her out of the van. she went inside the home (not happy)...and laid in her bed.

when i left, i told her i loved her...and she said "momma." my heart sank.

for those who are not familiar with brooke....this was a moment to thank the Lord for! Brooke will respond with things, either by her behaviors or some choice words she already knows. i've never heard brooke say "stay" voluntarily. it was, as ethan said, a miracle. over the past couple months she seems to be "waking" up....and responding so naturally. it's been a treasure. i'm not sure how long this will last...if this is a phase....or if she is just getting older and things are happening. in moments as this....bitter sweet...oh yes! but like i said previously the sweet overpowers the bitter.

so grateful for those that work with brooke at The Learning Tree. I'm thankful for their faithfulness to children such as brooke.

God is up to something...
He always has been up to something...
i'm seeing this is our year. our year of jubilee!