Sunday, August 28, 2011


when brooke was around 5 i started noticing seizure activity when she woke up from naps/morning. soon after she was diagnosed with Rett's syndrome (autism) and started on some medication for the seizures. since then her seizures have been pretty stable and contained. a couple weeks ago, one of her staff noticed a pretty significant seizure after a nap. she was taken to the ER for blood test and further evaluation. we are now considering another type of medication to help her get them contained. the seizures, from our understanding, are not causing any damage to her neurologically; however, they do need to be treated.

on a lighter note....

there are moments in brooke's life that cannot be penned in, typed out, or even spoken...they are just felt or seen. i have had many of those moments and that are now hemmed in my mind. i consider each moment a moment of hope...and a blessing in the most broken places.

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Bebe said...

Reading your posts I imagine a strong, brave, unbelivably loving Mother. You are blessed and you are a living Saint. Your family is in my prayers, hang in there!