Friday, May 06, 2011

just the facts

last month i had surgery to remove a disc in my neck. ouch. it went fine...but recovery has been another story. during my "recovery" time, i wasn't able to interact w/brooke all that much. i still got to see her daily in her group home, but from a distance. it was hard sitting across the room from her and not being able to sit close or hug her as i wanted. i reaffirmed her that i loved her in those moments..but still hard as a mom. i hope she understood.

brooke spent the night Easter weekend. it was a special weekend for us. on Easter sunday i could hear her in the other room chattering away like the early birds singing a new tune. i'm sure she was singing her little heart out because she knew she served a "living God." she didn't do so well in church but we did manage to worship in the car driving around our city. :)

we are looking forward to our next break to have her w/us. the boys don't get to see her everyday as i get we are needing some family moments.

i miss her so badly...and i get to see her everyday.
one day we will all be together. one day.

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