Saturday, December 25, 2010


this season of my life has been bitter-sweet...

sweet in the way that brooke has been able to spend so much time w/us. she seems to be doing really well lately. as you know she spent time w/us during Thanksgiving...and last Monday we picked her up for a trip to Memphis. We had her until tonight. It was a joy being w/her and my present alone was to sit beside her...laughing, tearing packages apart, eating, being still, sleeping, stealing kisses and hugs, and the list goes on. she has been a delight.

just tonight when i took her back to her group of her staff told me what happened last sunday after they left church. she said they took the girls to Krystals because they were doing so well and afterwards brooke cried and whimpered all day long, calling out my name, "mommy" and calling out for Josiah, "joey". she said...she cried all day long. then she said, "dani, she just wanted to be w/you".... tug, tug, heart sank!!!!

that leads me to the bitter side. my heart ached tonight as i took her to her group home. i had been at her side the whole could i walk away and leave her? it was hard. it is hard. God is aware of our circumstances and will cover, shield, protect, keep close....when our family is apart. "oh Lord....make a way".

bitter? yep.
sweet? it over powers the bitter!

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Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that you all had a wonderful time together this last week and last Sunday at church. You are in my prayers during this time of separation. I am praying for a good night of rest for you.