Monday, November 22, 2010


i wish i could muster up of why i haven't written in a while...i don't really have any excuses.
my world is crazy busy....let me see if i can express how.

i get up at, well...early... sit down w/the boys in the home for breakfast to start our day. the boys leave around 7:15...then i start my morning...reading my Bible, praying for the unknowns of my day. during the next few hours i may have meetings, laundry, prepare dinner, schedule my week, grocery shop, do things around our home, make mosaics for shabar ministries, and run errands! whew...

then the fun!!! around 2:00 everyday i go to brooke's group home and spend some quality time sitting next to her on the couch. it's a perfect "tea time"...she watches tv...and i watch her...pray for her, sing to her, laugh with her, and learn from her.

after spending around 40 minutes of time with her i run off to get the boys from school.....just around the corner. after we get's snack time, homework time, and play time. in between all those i'm finishing up dinner to eat around 5:30. eat, chores, take showers, and have a bit of r/r for the remainder of the day...8:00pm we are putting little heads to bed, praying over them and their families...and then laying down, praying, laughing, singing, sharing stories with our own 2 bouncy boys!

around 9:00 i'm done! we are grateful to be apart of the lives of others.

so i have no excuses. it's just life for me right now.

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