Saturday, July 18, 2009


i love this picture of brooke.
i sure wonder what she is thinking as she overlooks the fairhope bay.

this picture cracks me up! she was so giggly...

nothing like a daddy hug

no one can sit w/brooke like this for long periods of time
except for ethan and josiah. if i were only smaller!
ethan sure loves his sister.
nothin' like a brookie-cookie kiss. you never know
what to expect.

we had a great time at the fairhope pier.
her leg is doing good w/o the help of the "hot" boot she wore.
she is in school daily now and so that is taking some adjustments. Sunday night my parents will be here so brooke will come to the cottage for a bit to visit.
i love you brooke!
Jesus has got you!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

a new day

the boot is officially off and her leg is healed "100%", her doctor said at her appointment today! this is a new day for all of us, especially brooke. brooke, you are my trooper! i love you more than you know.
her doctor appointment w/her rett's doctor went well. we were told it is likely brooke will not go into stage 4. this was good news. we go back in one year. thanks for her staff for a crazy day on the road, in the office, and at chick-fi-la.
she will come to the cottage tomorrow for abit of july 4th celebration.
(those are my clothes she is wearing!)