Monday, December 07, 2009

rough road

sorry for the lack of updating. i was a bit discouraged Thanksgiving and haven't felt like writing much.
Brooke did not do very well Thanksgiving Day. after 30 minutes of being here i was almost ready to take her back to her group home. we were on duty at the cottage so it was a bit hard to manage both worlds. she settled down for just a tiny bit but into the night we had to take her back to TLT so they could get her behaviors controlled.
it was hard and we were not able to take any pictures of the visit.
we had hoped to take her to Memphis next week for Christmas but have decided it wouldn't be the best idea.
we will be working on Christmas and do hope Brooke can come to the cottage for a few days in a row; however, she will not spend the night.

if you could remember her in your prayers as brooke continues to transition with new surroundings and people. pray also for her staff as they daily work w/her and all the children. they are amazing people!

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