Tuesday, May 19, 2009

growing up

this picture was taken years ago in Memphis when we were at the children's home. as a friend of mine and I were talking...i found this picture to be a bit ironic. The road she is sitting on reminds me of the journey she is on, up hill, windy, down hill, rough, smooth...
she's growing up and we will continue to walk down every road with her. I love you brook"e".


Anonymous said...

She is a cutie!! I've always thought see had the most beautiful eyes. Don't you miss those 'little' days? You're babies are growing up fast...enjoy every day.
Miss you all. Hug thoses kids for us.
God Bless...Greg and Jackie

Anonymous said...

What a doll...I showed the picture to Ana and she said "awwww"....wish we could be there with you guys and give her hugs but you will have to do that for us. Miss you all dearly.
Prayers, Love and Hugs,

Anonymous said...

I am still checking in on Brook from time to time & wishing the very best for her. I am still working with the Learning Tree in Jacksonville and three special children there. I learn many special gifts from these children each day and wish I could do more for them. Keep smiling Brookie!Best always, Virginia S.