Monday, December 08, 2008


webster expresses the word enough this way...

"enough : occurring in such quantity, quality, or scope as to fully meet demands, needs, or expectations synonyms...sufficient."

in my car i have a little sign that says "dani, I AM enough"! This statement came to me at a difficult moment and it remains there today as a reminder that He is enough. There can be no one like Him, He is as "web" puts it, He is fully able to meet demands, needs, or even, yes, expectations. i'm finding myself at a point where not only am I reading this statement over and over again, i need Him to implant it in my brain!

I do know He is enough. He has proven that to me in the past...but somedays it's harder to see than others.

I know too, He is enough for Brooke...meeting every need she has that I, as a mother, cannot provide or give her. Trusting comes in to play with i guess it boils down to this one question...

"dani, will you trust me, knowing I AM enough for you"? ouch!

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Melissa Webb said...

Thomas a Kempis says it well,"O God, who art the truth, make me one with Thee in continual charity. I am weary often to read and hear many things: in Thee is all that I desire and long for. Let all teachers hold their peace;let all creatures be silent in Thy sight; speak unto me thou alone. (Imitation of Christ, pg 6)