Saturday, September 06, 2008

something extra

there's something else i wanted to say about the last post. there is a passage in psalms (i don't have my Bible in front of me, or i would tell you the passage), that says "willingly i will sacrifice". wow. thinking of the past post i wanted to disect it a bit more...."yet, i will". the words, "i will" are just as powerful. thinking of my marriage of now almost 14 years we both exchanged the words, "I do", or "i will"....
Thinking on this passage has just made me think more on sacrificing to His (God's) will and not my own, His control and not my own, His power and NOT my own. Yet, "i will", willingly give, heed to, know more of, listen, give grace, show love, give w/o return, and yes, PRAISE.
Today, i'm Praising God for bringing me out of the pit.

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