Thursday, June 19, 2008

Psalms 23

"He anoints my head with oil".
This passage has meant alot to me of late. I found this picture which illustrates this passage. The reason for the anointing of oil for a lamb is because bugs/insects get into the skin. The oil protects/heals the lamb from hurting and prevents bugs from irritating the area.
For me, it's personal...
I can just imagine, if you will, Him coming to i'm resting in His pastures...and He comes up close to me, grabs my chin, and gently pours oil over my head. It's healing. It's personal. It's much more than just oil. It's Him.

Would You come, Shepherd, and anoint Brooke's head with oil.

(jason upton has a song called psalm. 23; a must to hear!)

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