Monday, May 26, 2008

lingering moments

Brooke left today to go back to school. Overall, it was a precious and busy visit. (i will have pictures of our visit coming soon).

There was one thing that stood out all weekend.

Last night i was home alone w/brooke...we were just nestled in the bed watching "Dora." I looked over and her eyes were getting heavy. Leaning over, I pushed her hair back from her eyes and caressed her cheek as she closed her eyes. Just looking into her face, i imagined Jesus doing the same w/me. Him seeing the heaviness in my eyes He reaches towards me, pulling my hair back from my eyes and touching my consul, embrace me, or to just be near me, knowing His peace--i just close my eyes and rest. It was a sweet that will linger for days to come.

Thank you Jesus for touching my life, healing my heart, and being near me.

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