Tuesday, March 11, 2008

so, how are you?

Many people have been asking how Brooke was doing. Thank you for asking!
She is doing okay. At school, Brooke is being asked to do more--now that she is getting settled. This of course is bringing out some behaviors. Her behaviors lately have been bitting her arms. At times, for a weekend visit, she has come home with bruises up and down her arm. It is a bit hard to see; however, we have seen worse. Just grateful it is not another intensive behavior although we would like to see this one gone. She is on medication for her behaviors. Her behavior program and coupled with her medication seems to help some. Her words have been "few" during a home visit. The words she used to say with us, she does not say much of anymore. She has become a bit more quiet than she used to be. I still am quick to get her to say as much as i can while she is home. I'm sure at Glenwood they are doing the same thing. At the group home she does well, with less behaviors. It is a bit more laid back than the school setting; yet, they do have chores and things for her to do. She is doing well with potty-training and are seeing less and less accidents. :) So, to sum things up...brooke is maintaining. Nothing more and nothing less. That leads to the next question.
How are we doing as a family? Thanks for asking! We all are doing well with the adjustment. Some days are harder than others. It hasn't even been a year since Brooke left for Glenwood. There is always a void, not just from a mothers standpoint. Josiah and Ethan are quick to pray for her. Her room is still being used-for hide and seek, playroom, a place to ponder (on her swing-in her room), and for an extra bed when OURs gets way too packed! ha. We seek HIM, we get by, we live, we have hope, and we dream til we see her again. Then it starts back all over again. So, that is how we are doing....how are you?

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