Friday, August 31, 2007


Lord, i pray for Brooke right now, hold her close to your heart. I love her dearly her to learn, play. I desire Lord for her to happy. Help her settle in her new home life. I pray for those that work with her...i first pray for their salvation. that each one would come to know you personally if they do not already. Give them guidance, strength, wisdom to direct brooke. I know Lord you have already sent your angels charge over her.....those is no reason that i should wonder or fret of her safety....b/c you Lord have set it in stone.
Thank you for what You are doing in and thru her life.....and in and thru my life. Your timing is perfect...You are perfect. Let her know i love her.....amen

Saturday, August 25, 2007

new home

friday went as expected. the first part of the day was filled up w/meetings. then we were able to fix up her room. it was raining badly so we just went next door to say bye to brooke. she came running down the hall w/a big grin. hugging bill and me. it was precious. we hear she adjusted well to her new room. i'll be calling tomorrow to check in on her. i'll get to see her for labor day. then after that i'll get to see her the end of the month just for a day.
today has been tough.....just thinking about her makes me take deep breaths thinking of how she is...what she's doing. the pain is great. but God is greater. thanks to all who have been praying for this transition.

Thursday, August 23, 2007


please pray for brooke and her family on friday the 24th. she will be going in her placement at Glenwood. we won't get to see her as often as we have been.....

lately her behavior has been bad.....

pray for stable environment.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


brooke is still not in her home yet, it should be soon. i saw her saturday and will see her again on saturday with the boys. (my mom and dad may go too). it's been hard. i miss her with every breath i take.....i'm hurting and feel numb.