Tuesday, October 02, 2007

the swing

the pine needles and grass are pressed down where brooke has been this weekend at home. The swing she loves has been unactive until this past weekend. The swing. I don't know if you remember your childhood of swinging, but there is something about flying in the air. brooke only goes so far....her feet hit the ground each time she lifts off....in the air..and back on the ground again. I love to swing. sometimes i'll just randomly stop at some playground and just swing. brooke and i have that in common. the pine needles and grass will start edging there way from the ground where they were stepped on until brooke comes home again.

it thrilled me so to have her home for 24 hours. she smiled so much....she got a hair cut...and ate anything she wanted! here are the latest pictures of her and the swing.


Anonymous said...

Great to see that beautiful smile!
I've been thinking of all of you!
Precious to me! Up to the moon!

ld said...

these are great. she has the best smile

todd said...

we are sorry to hear about Brooke's accident. bless her heart i hope she does heal quickly so she won't pick at the stiches. ya'll are always in our prayers! take care and God bless!

Donna said...

what precious pictures. You have three very special children.