Tuesday, July 25, 2006

the diet

as most of you know...brooke is on a special diet. she cannot eat any wheat or dairy products. this of course makes it hard to feed everyone else in the family and her at the same time...i'm finding ways to manage in that area....we've avoided the boys and brooke eating together. that is just too hard....so we eat in shifts. Brooke eats between 4:30-5:00 and then the boys eat after she gets done...her favorite is soup....beef soup w/veggies, chicken stew, chicken noodle soup, and anything else i can come up w/in soup form...she eats it. someone has to sit w/her to help her not make a complete mess....but she manages pretty well. some want to know what the deal is about the diet....so i'll give it my dani "terms":
the food that you and i eat digest well...but she is not able to digest her food like you and i can....so it sits in her stomach and gets into her blood stream which acts as a foreign substance...which causes numerous problems such as "behaviors".
so....there ya have it. i'm not good at explaining alot of this bio-stuff...however, i do know something is working.
brooke is now saying "want tv please"...and candy please...and other 2 word phrases that she "wants".....we will start working on "i"...which is a bigger issue than i thought....we have been working on this for sometime now and she just can't seem to get the word "i" down....
i love seeing her progress....even though the diet is hard it's worth if for me b/c i know that she is getting better not only mentally but physcially and before i never thought she was as sick as she really was.


jolynn said...

IF this helps any? I was always told that gluten acts like a narcotic in the blood stream of people with autism and celiac disease. It helped me to understand why there were such behaviours.

dani-ga said...

i had heard that too jolynn...thanks!