Saturday, July 18, 2015

shower time

There are rare moments in life when you hear the Lord whispering in your ear. Yesterday, was one of those sweet encounters and almost visually speaking.

Yesterday I decided to get Brooke for a visit at the Children’s Home. It was so hot outside I knew we would be spending most of the day inside allowing the kids to play games, puzzles, or just watch a good movie.  When I picked her up from school it looked as if she had had a rough, hot morning.  I knew a good shower was on our agenda.  After we all had lunch I told Brooke, “Let’s go take a shower.” She walked into the bathroom to get ready. For those who are unware Brooke cannot shower herself.  She does know some self-help skills and shower time is one we are working on.  I wash her thoroughly, shampoo and condition her hair, shave her legs, then I allow her time to just let the water fall on her.

After I got her all clean I sat her down while I started gathering her garments, one by one, to put them on her. (I think you get the idea). I had noticed while I bathed her that she had many sores/bruises so I knew I wanted to put some ointment on her to help them heal. I grabbed my Neosporin and one by one started applying them on her arms, legs, ankles, and wrist. Then, it happened… if Jesus was standing in our small bathroom whispering over my shoulder to Brooke and to myself. His voice was so clear as He said to me, “This is exactly what I do for you, Dani.”

Tears whelped up in my eyes as I re-thought the whole process of bathing her and caring for her needs. In such an intimate and personal way Jesus meets us where we are and cleanses us.  We are so helpless and without His touch we cannot be clean, we cannot be healed, we are incapable of doing it ourselves.  He not only leaves us there cleansed, but He comes closer and applies His touch to heal our deepest sores/hurts/scars, those visible and invisible.   

I left that bathroom different than I entered. It was a beautiful picture of His loving-kindness and in the most vulnerable and intimate way.

He says to us in Jeremiah 31 to expect love and more love…and yesterday was no exception. He is the balm of Gilead and He has promises us that He will heal us and He is mighty to save. (Jeremiah 17:14)

Thank you Brooke for being so vulnerable and for being His instrument once again.